Delivery Team Manager

Location Newcastle
Job ref: 005202
Published: over 1 year ago

Job Purpose Summary:


As an Team Manager you have certain responsibilities and the purpose of this document is to clearly define those responsibilities. If you understand what is required from you it will make it easier for you to deliver those requirements.


To understand your role fully you must realise that you are managing your team as a Circet Manager and as such your main priority is to deliver to your client and in doing this you are delivering to CIRCET. Remember you are Circet on the Front Line.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Each Team Manager is based on a geographical area and you are responsible for managing every aspect of the contract including but not limited to:
  • Lead and manage the teams within the business unit(s) to ensure a high level of motivation and co-operation is maintained at all times and support the achievement of business objectives.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement and drives excellence within the unit to ensure cost-effective improvements in service and productivity. Identify and implement or recommend appropriate actions to maintain/improve results.
  • Manage team and individual performance ensuring all training and development needs are identified and fulfilled and all disciplinary issues dealt with promptly according to established procedures.
  • Liaise with the Operations Support Team to ensure full and effective use is made of resources at all times and business objectives are achieved within budget and in accordance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Actively promote a positive safety culture; monitor and control business unit(s) safety performance to ensure all Company and customer safety rules and procedures are applied by staff
  • Develop relationships throughout the client's business to maintain customer focus and collaborative approach in delivery of client needs
  • Work with the Compliance & Auditing Team to ensure all actions are resolved in a timely manner


Key Accountabilities: Manage Daily/Weekly Work

  • Providing your team with a stimulating and supportive environment
  • Managing all HSEQT standards with your team
  • Maintaining and increasing standards of customer service with your team
  • Driving team performance
  • Controlling the training and development of your staff to achieve high standards.
  • Setting performance targets for each contract and ensuring these are achieved
  • Attending Team Meetings Weekly/Monthly
  • Achieving and complying with high standards of Quality/Health & Safety
  • Management of HR cases and procedures
  • Managing complaints and escalations from Clients and customers
  • Dealing with 3rd Party Clients and customers
  • Working in an Office environment
  • Achieving high standards of stores management

Health & Safety:

  • Reporting to the Management team, this role will be responsible for leading, directing and delivering all activity in relation to Health & Safety. As an Area Manager you will lead and drive compliance with regards to standards, policies and procedures set out by the Group. You will manage implementation of Health & Safety standards,
  • relevant program’s and initiatives and will take the lead on, develop and promote a best in class safety culture in conjunction with your quality management team.

Continuous Improvement

  • As we are operating in an ever-changing environment it is essential, we maintain our place within the industry and as an Area Manager you will need to fully understand and champion these changes.
  • Your input of new ideas and innovations will be an essential part of your role
  • Challenge is not something we are not  afraid of and we always aim to set the bar higher so you must be highly self- motivated and always be willing to learn.

Time Commitment

  • You are required to devote sufficient time to reasonably and properly perform the roles and duties of a Team Manager and to perform your duties in an efficient; trustworthy and business-like manner.
  • The normal hours of work are 40 hours per week Monday to Friday, but the nature of your work may involve considerable travel time and work outside of office hours without additional remuneration.
  • You acknowledge that due to the seniority of your position that you are responsible for organising your own working time and accordingly Part II of the organisation of Working Time Act 1997 shall not apply. You will not be entitled to additional remuneration for time spent at work outside of normal working hours.


  • As you already know and as is confirmed in the roles and responsibilities set out in this document you are managing every aspect of your team up to the point that each order is past the Invoice approved stage.
  • The successful delivery of the contract depends on you taking ownership of your team on behalf of CIRCET and using every resource available to you to deliver to our client.
  • As a CIRCET Area Manager you are entitled to the full support of your Regional Managers, the Dispatch team all other departments within CIRCET
  • to help you carry out the duties outlined in this document to the best of your abilities.